5 Ways to upgrade your at home workouts

5 Ways to upgrade your at home workouts

Okay so don’t hold me to this, I never thought I’d say this but… I am actually really enjoying home workouts at the moment! Don’t get me wrong, I cannot wait until I can have a heavy barbel on my back and train with my team again but in the meantime I am feeling motivated and challenged by at home training! I never thought I’d get leg DOMS from a 10kg dumbbell but it has happened!

I have far from always enjoyed at home training but have found ways to make it the most effective and enjoyable I can! So without further ramblings… here are my top 5 tips for getting the most out of your at home workouts.

1. Add in slow negatives. Trust me on this one! Have a stopwatch going and take 10 seconds slowly lowering to the bottom of your squat and I promise you by the 3rd set you feel as though you have a 50kg barbell on your back! Honestly these will be some of the longest 10 seconds of your life! You can do this to almost any exercise- slow negative push ups, pause at the bottom of a lunge, take 5 seconds to lower the dumbbell in a shoulder or chest press.

2. Try single leg exercises. I remember thinking I can hip thrust 100kg so I could single leg hip thrust 50kg right? Wrong. Honestly, a 10kg dumbbell was a serious challenge! If you have small or no weights then single leg exercises can be the perfect way to still feel the burn. Try single leg glute bridges, single leg deadlifts, back foot elevated spilt squats and pistol squats. It’s also a great way to iron out any muscle imbalances

3. Reduce your rest time. When in the gym with heavy weights I love a good long rest period to properly reset and make sure I go into the next set with the best form and able to hit the heaviest I can. When at home with body weight exercises, resistance band and lower weights, that rest time is a lot less needed and reducing it is actually be a great way to increase fitness! Use a timer to track your rest between sets and over time try to reduce this. Try super-setting exercises or completing them in circuits with no rest between. To really max out, try pairing exercises together that work the same muscles for example, after completing goblet squats go straight into bodyweight squat jumps and prepare for burning quads!

4. Set new goals and try something completely new. Unless you’re a professional athlete and need to stay sport specific, mixing up your training will only benefit your fitness! Sure my goal of hitting a 100kg deadlift might be off the table for now but working on my mobility will only help me when I am able to get back in the gym! Try running, yoga, cycling, wild swimming, perfect your handstand, learn to dance, follow a HIIT video… there is so much out there and you might just find something you love or at least challenges you in a new way for now.

5. Invest in some affordable equipment. Sure I dream of having a full size olympic barbell and rowing machine in my garage but honestly I have had some great workouts with the little equipment I had lying around a few small investments! 1 dumbbell, a couple of resistance bands, a yoga mat and a skipping rope has served me very well – next on my list is a kettlebell! You don’t need to be spending hundreds of pounds on a home gym. Honestly, theres are so many super affordable options out there.


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