In my 23rd year…

In my 23rd year…

23 years old. This is like proper adult territory! Anyone that’s read my blog for a long time will know how much I love setting goals and what better time to do it than reaching another year in my life! For me, birthday goals instead of new years resolutions are more adulting/career focused and specific. I love a good broad, mindset goal for the new year but these are my I NEED TO GET MY SHIT TOGETHER goals!

  1. Be in a job where I earn more that £20k after taxes! Probably a very normal goal for someone who’s just graduated and may seem like quite a materialistic, small minded goal but heading towards my mid 20s I don’t want to still rely on my parents and I feel I should be starting to put some money away- which takes me onto…
  2. Put at least £2k into savings. Might not seem like a huge amount of money but it’ll be a good start in my first year of full time working.
  3. Print more photos. I take a lot of photos but so often they end up lost somewhere in my camera role. This year I want to be more consistent at scrapbooking and putting them into albums.
  4. Visit at least 3 different countries. Pretty self explanatory.
  5. Invest in a course for myself. Not sure what yet! Maybe my PT/ fitness instructor course or nutrition or something in marketing.
  6. Make and keep updating a mood board. I want to keep a board over my desk that will motivate and inspire my creativity and brighten up my room.
  7. Run a half marathon. This has been an on and off goal of mine for years and this year is the year I am actually going to do it!
  8. Finally take control of my IBS! Probably easier said that done but I want to have another go at the low FODMAP process, keep a consistent food diary and find out what really effects my digestion.

Bring on 23!



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