2019 Goals

2019 Goals

I can’t quite believe that my first post of 2019 is in February! A year ago I would have really seen this as a failure but I know I really needed that time off and it is a really positive thing that I could decide to take time off to focus on exams and moving house. I did set these goals right at the beginning of the year and some went really well through January while others got neglected with the stress of the month. I’m looking forward to really getting back into a routine in February and prioritising self care and me time.

I really liked the structure of my goals in 2018. I basically set 8 broad, non-specific goals and then each month would set smaller, more specific goals. This allowed me to be flexible if my goals changed slightly throughout the year and not lose interest or motivation. It also meant I wouldn’t feel annoyed or pressured if I didn’t achieved X goal in X amount of time because I was always moving towards my goals even if slowly.

So here are my 2019 goals!

  1. Travel more. Budget planning and saving money is a big part of this. I want to spend money on experiences rather than material objects. I want to travel the world and explore more of the UK.
  2. Read 12 books. Pretty self explanatory and not sticking to my non-specific rule but I don’t have to read 1 a month- I can read more in less busy months.
  3. Blog confidently. I want to be proud of my blog! I’ve always been scared to share my blog and Instagram with my friends and family but this year I want to change that. I want to be really happy with it, network and feel like I deserve success.
  4. Finish my degree. Graduate with the best result I can!
  5. Feel my strongest and healthiest. Gym, run, eat well and enjoy being healthy. Prioritise me and how I feel.
  6. Master my IBS. Finally take control and know how to feel great. Really understand my low FODMAP diet and be able to control my symptoms.
  7. Simplify. Don’t over complicate, worry and stress. Prioritise being calm and balanced.
  8. Mindfulness. Me time, yoga, meditation, journaling.

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