My Capsule Makeup Bag

My Capsule Makeup Bag

A capsule wardrobe is now a well known thing and many people see the benefits and implement at least aspects of it into their life but not many people talk about a capsule makeup bag. I created my first one about a year ago and I love it! It has really sped up my getting ready in the morning and taken away any stress form doing my makeup when I’m in a rush.

Like a capsule wardrobe, I mix it up with the seasons so right now I have darker lipsticks and a burgundy eyeshadow pallet where as in summer I’ll have lighter, pinky tones. I still have most of my makeup in drawers which I’ll use if I’m dressing up to go out or switch in in different seasons. I keep my capsule, everyday makeup in a pretty, copper plant pot my my mirror.

Like creating a capsule wardrobe, you should go through what you have and puck out the things you use frequently or things you want to use more frequently. You might want to go out and buy anything you think is missing for example I didn’t have a red liquid lipstick which I wanted for the festive period.

Theres no rule about how many items you want and it might vary over time but remember it’s meant to simplify your morning routine. I like to just have one go to foundation, concealer, powder, mascara etc. I’ll then have a few options for things like lipstick and eye shadow which allows me to mix up my makeup each day.

I hope you’ve found this interesting/useful and maybe you’ll use this ti simplify your life! Let me know if you’d like to know what’s in my Christmas makeup bag (or makeup plant pot haha)


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