December Goals

December Goals

How is it already the last month of the year?! It feels like a month ago I was setting my goals for 2018. December is the last push to achieve all those goals I set 11 months ago. I feel like I’ve already achieved some of them, some I was doing well at and have fallen behind on recently, and some I’m just no where near! Let’s see how much I can do in this final month.

  1. Use my bullet journal more! Make it more creative and collect memories as well as help me keep focused and organised.
  3. Create and stick to an evening routine to help me feel less tired. (yoga, journal, read)
  4. Gym at least twice a week – however busy!
  5. Consume less sugar (Isn’t this my goal every month?)
  6. Try and blog weekly and be active on Instagram everyday! Focus on building community and relationships.

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  1. Nida
    December 10, 2018 / 4:36 pm

    that is a very pretty wall u have at the back. im loving it and feel happy just by looking at it.

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