Planning November – Goals, bullet journaling and gratitude

Planning November – Goals, bullet journaling and gratitude

Happy November. I am excited about this month. I feel like I’ve just got into the swing of this new academic year and I’m ready to make the changes I want to. I’ve got used to my new super busy schedule and now it’s time to reprioritise my health and self care. In the last couple of weeks I’ve started using my bullet journal again and have also started the happiness planner.

Today I’m going to share with you how I plan out my month, weeks and days, how I practise gratitude and mindfulness through journaling, as well as my goals for the month.

I start the planning of my month in my bullet journal. After creating a pretty title page for the month I write down my goals. This month my big focus is putting my health, fitness and self care first so my goals are largely based around this.

  1. Reintroduce weight training into my fitness routine as well as continuing to run.
  2. Intuitively reintroduce intermittent fasting and the low fodmap diet. Cook more at home and be prepared for when I know I’ll be too tired to cook- avoid grabbing food out. I want to track my food and symptoms to try and better understand my IBS.
  3. Daily yoga and meditation.
  4. Actually sick to my budget plan and save money to book a mini break.
  5. Consistently journal- diary, bullet journal and happiness planner.

Next in my bullet journal I create a calendar spread and plan out my blog posts for the month. On the opposite page I have space to brainstorm ideas. I usually do this a couple of weeks before the month starts as I like to be prepared. I also always do it in pencil so my plans can change.

On the following pages I have a space to track my runs from the month and a place to write one line about each day as a memory. Then I am into weekly spreads.

On each weekly spread I have a space for my weekly goals and priorities which is a nice way to go deeper into one of my monthly goals and maybe make it more practical or specific. I also have a general to do list for the week and a list of the blog posts I have scheduled for that week as well as any to write for the upcoming week.

I also have my habbit tracker on my weekly spreads as I find it quite overwhelming to do the whole month and often found myself not filling it in. I’m currently tracking days I workout, don’t eat sugar, practise, drink 2l water, post on Instagram. Then I have a space for each days to do list.

I use my happiness planner at the beginning and end of each day. It also has a space for a to do list each day so I generally use my bullet journal to plan out each day at the beginning of the week and for bigger tasks then I use my happiness planner to write out my to do list at the beginning of the day and list every little thing including self care things like take a bath. I also write out what I’m excited about, what exercise I’m going to do, what food I’m going to do and what my main focus/intention is for the day.

At the end of the day there’s a space to write about good things that have happened, what I’m grateful for and what I hope for tomorrow. There’s also a section at the end of each week to reflect of the week.

Throughout the month I collect memories, tickets and print photos and at the end of the month I have a double page in my bullet journal to keep all these memories.








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