Fast Fashion on a Student Budget

Fast Fashion on a Student Budget

I feel everyone at some time in their life doesn’t have the excess money they might want to spend on themselves. Whether it’s as a uni student, working a minimum wage job, between jobs or just while your money is having to go towards other things. The fashion world is constantly moving. We’re only at the beginning of autumn and already seeing summer 2019 trends in the fashion weeks. There ae constantly new trends going around, just as you’ve purchased one thing there’s another trend you love coming on the scene. Is this fast fashion really possible on a tight budget?


As someone who LOVES clothes and is on a student budget, I like to think so – at least to some extent. Firstly you have to be picky. You can’t follow every trend that hits Instagram. Pick the ones you love the most and invest in those trends. I like to maybe order a few online and then see which ones suit me best. I try to set myself a budget or say I can only keep 2 pieces.

Also think about the long-term wearability of things. Really out-there trends may look amazing now but will you still wear them the following year? Once animal print is out of season I might not want to wear a head to toe midi dress in leopard print but I would definitely still wear a shirt or a bag in that print. I loved the co-ord trend because not only does it look super cool now, but you can wear them separately making them much more wearable long term.

A lot of trends come back into style so check out your local charity shops and websites like Ebay, Depop and Mercari for older pieces that fit the current trends. Also while we’re on that topic, sell your old clothes that you don’t wear anymore. It’s a great way to make a little extra money.

Finally remember that trends don’t matter half as much as your personal style. I have clothes that I’ve worn every year for the last 5 years. They might not still be all over Instagram or in Vogue but I like them and they suit me! Invest in the tends you love but keep wearing the other clothes you love too. You do you boo!





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