September Goals

September Goals

If you’re still a student, September probably feels more like the new year than January. I love September because it really does feel like a fresh start. I can go into the new academic year with the best intentions- working hard, staying healthy, being sociable. Currently I am in London working a little bit but having 3 weeks before term starts. I love having this time to physically and mentally prepare for going back to uni and get a head start on my new goals. So here goes…

Continue to enjoy my workouts. I want to keep changing things up so I don’t get bored and unmotivated. I have changed my fitness goal from aesthetic to just wanting to feel fit and strong which automatically helps me stay motivated and enjoy it.

Get back into practise and work. Have I ever had a year that this hasn’t been my goal? But needless to say I have done no where near enough work over summer and it is time to play catch up! Going into my 4th year, I am so determined to graduate with a 2:1 but more importantly just feel like I’ve got the most I can out of my course.

Rekindle my morning routine. Another one I have lost over summer! Last week I started work at 7.30am and this was such a shock to the system! I want to get back into consistently waking up early so I don’t feel half dead when I have to for work. I also want to reintroduce all the healthy habits I started last year like staying hydrated in the morning and being more mindful.

Track my food. This was one of my August goals but it just didn’t happen. To be fair to myself, it was very difficult to track everything when I wasn’t making my own meals. So I am bringing this one into September to finally help me get to the bottom of my IBS.

Save, save, save. Final year of uni means the fear of affording to live without a student loan is kicking in! I don’t want to restrict myself and not buy things that make me happy but I just want to be more mindful with my purchases and try and stick to my budget. I have just managed to get a new job so hopefully I can put quite a lot into savings for next year.

Continue to blog consistently and interact with other bloggers. I’ve been really enjoying blogging recently and it will continue to be a good break from work once I get back into term time. I’m also loving meeting like minded people and find it really good for motivating me to keep going.


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