August Goals

August Goals

I am such a summer girl! I’m never happier than in the months full of beach trips, lying in the sun and wearing summer dresses. I love relaxing and having a proper rest from the stress of uni (this is probably my last 2 month summer holiday ever!). However, after a month of travelling in Canada, back and forth trains to London and no routine, I want to get my mindset back in focus. These are my August goals.

Spend more time with myself. I got very good over this academic year at spending quality time with myself doing yoga in the morning and journaling. I want to get back into this habit over August, making sure I leave enough time for myself while seeing friends and travelling.

Learn to run. I love fitness but have always hated running! Suddenly this summer I felt very inspired to get into it. I guess with beautiful weather and countryside it seems a shame to be stuck in the gym for my exercise. I’ve just started the couch to 5k app and I want to try and stick with that throughout August.

Be more confident talking about myself and don’t play down my achievements. It was only when tweaking my CV this week that I realised how difficult I find it to talk about my qualities and achievements. I had to turn to my boyfriend to write about all the good things I’ve done. I need to get more comfortable talking about the things that I’m proud of!

Prepare for September. I’m going into my 4th and final year of my degree which is terrifying! I want to make sure I set myself up best I can. I want to be prepared for the course as well as relaxed and financially secure.

Track my food. I want to track my food and symptoms for the whole month so I can really start to work out how to make low fodmap work for me. Last time I tried the reintroduction phase, nothing was successful and my nutritionist said to try it again when I am less stressed – August seems like that time!

Write a blog post twice a week and be more present on social media. Over the last few months I have really started to love blogging and have invested a lot of time into my big redesign. Being more free over summer is the perfect time to get on top of content and really connect with my readers.


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