Mid Year Goals

Mid Year Goals


So we’re half way into 2018. How has it gone so quickly?! I thought I’d take this opportunity to have a little check in with my 2018 goals. See how I’m getting on and if any of them have changed.

Reflect daily and journal more

I’ve got pretty good at writing things down- my feelings, goals and intentions, reflections. I don’t do it daily. I would like to bring it into my everyday routine where I use journaling in my morning yoga and meditation and before bed each night.

Be more mindful with money

Hmmm… so this is very on and off. My ultimate goal was to save for a holiday which I have achieved (I’ll be on the plane to Vancouver when this goes live!) But I still love clothes shopping and getting delicious food and coffee out- nothing wrong with this, just needs to become a bit rarer! Something I’m still working on.

Establish a consistent, healthy morning routine

I was pretty good at this during term time! I got a consistent 7am wake up time and got in my yoga every morning. I enjoyed having a bit more time to relax and get ready in the morning. Will be good to get a more relaxed routine on the go for summer.

Move more

This I have nailed! I have had many set backs from illness and injury but have always bounced back. Most importantly I enjoy it and don’t struggle to feel motivated.

Eat more whole foods

I love cooking and genuinely have started to crave healthy foods. I’ve been experimenting a lot with different diets and foods to help with my IBS and am starting to find what really works for me. Intermittent fasting has been a game changer for me. Biggest goal for the rest of year is still tackling that sugar addiction! It is definitely largely emotional eating when I’m stressed or upset.

Love music again

Another one that goes in waves! I think it’s been good thinking actually my career doesn’t have to be in music so I can have sliiightly less pressure (a degree is still quite a lot of pressure!) I’m looking forward to my final year where I can play all the music I love rather than having to play set pieces.

Learn to deal with stress

I’m getting there- yoga, journaling, good food, good sleep and time out. I’m still working on it and I think I always will be.

Bring my blog to a place I’m happy with

Yes! I love the topics I’m talking about at the moment and am enjoying having more time to dedicate to it over summer. Definitely want to get more consistent and I’m trying to network/get to know other bloggers more.




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