A Week in Journal Prompts

A Week in Journal Prompts

My journal is basically my life! I write in my diary most days either just to spill out my thoughts and emotions or to plan something, motivate/inspire me or get down my ideas. I really think journalling can help everyone is some way! It helps you to be more mindful, present, focused, creative, motivated… you get the idea.

Today I am going to share a journal prompt for each day of the week. Get out your  notebook and pen and write down anything that comes to your mind when you read these.


Monday – Set your intentions/goals for the week.

If you’re someone that already sets monthly intentions or set some new years resolutions back in January, then this is a great time to look back at them and see what small steps towards these bigger goals you can take this week. Try and think of something for all aspects of your life for example work, health, family and relationships, personal growth etc.

Tuesday – Write a list of things you are grateful for today.

This so good for feeling more positive and appreciating the small things and can be so nice to read back through.

Wednesday – Write a manifestation list.

Dream big! I love this guided video by Alyse to write along to and prompt your ideas. You can take it even further and start to think about action steps towards each of these that you can do in the short term.

Thursday – Simply write about your day.

Do this in the evening and write EVERYTHING you remember about your day. I love reading back through old diary entries and remembering things I did, however boring they seemed at the time. Maybe you had an interesting conversation with someone or ate something delicious or did a great workout or maybe it was lovely weather.

Friday – Research something just for fun. 

I love doing research into something I am interested in that isn’t needed for an exam or job. I’m always doing research into food and nutrition. Watch youtube videos, read a book, look on websites and write down the things you learn.

Saturday – Write a letter to your past self.

Pretty self explanatory! Write about things you’ve learnt and wish you knew when you were younger or things you’re grateful now that mane you didn’t appreciate when you were younger.

Sunday – Plan next week’s self care.

Look at your schedule for next week and plan out when you are going to fit in self care and ‘me time’ everyday. Maybe one day you will book a yoga class and another day you’ll plan to have a bath and read. You could also plan out your food and workouts for the next week.



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