May Goals

May Goals

It’s that time of month again! We all know how this works so I’ll go straight into it. I hope you all have a wonderful May xxx

Digital detox – Have my laptop and TV off by 9.30pm every night to make time to wind down (read, yoga, journal etc). Don’t scroll on my phone in the mornings!

Reduce refined sugar – Maybe cut out completely Monday to Friday?

Don’t buy anything I don’t need – It was actually really useful giving up buying clothes for lent and meant that by the end, I knew what the things were I REALLY wanted rather than spontaneous purchasing. I’m not going to buy any clothes, beauty or home bits this month and see what I really want by the end.

#YogaEveryDamnDay – Try and continue with a strong daily practise.

Do more hiking – I’m trying to get fitter and build stamina ready for a lot of hiking in Canada in July. I’m also just happiest in nature and being active.

Blog more – Despite exams, this is my favourite time of year. I am completely in control of my time and can get up early to get lots of work and practise done and spend my evening doing the things I love eg. working out and blogging! I’m aiming for 2 posts a week.


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