Motivating Podcasts and YouTubers

Motivating Podcasts and YouTubers


Today I’m going to share two of the main places I go to get motivated, educated and inspired. These are of course YouTube and the world of podcasts. There are honestly videos and podcasts out there for EVERYTHING and it really can be intimidating and difficult to find the best ones for you. I’m going to share with you my favourite accounts in health, fitness, nutrition and wellness. Everything you’re going to need to keep you going for these 10 weeks.Follow a workout routine on YouTube next time you don’t have time to go to the gym. Watch an inspiring, educational video next time you’re watching TV. Download a podcast for your next commute or run. Get surrounded by this positivity and motivation!





 Firstly, my favourite at the moment is The Health Code which is the new podcast from YouTuber Sarah’s Day and her boyfriend Kurt. They give a lot of tips about being fit, healthy and happy and just have a really confections joy!

In terms of fitness, my 2 favourites are Fit & Fearless and The 3 Dumbbells who both talk about all the major trends and topics within working out and interview a lot of the big people in the industry.

Inside Health from BBC radio 4 is just a very to the point, educational podcast. Experts from the health world inform us about current health trends, illnesses and diets.

In terms of more general wellness, From the Heart: Conversations With Yoga Girls is a beautifully weekly podcast where Rachel just talks about her week (as a very successful yoga instructor and new mum). She talks about current issues and hot topics as well as sharing advice and an insight into the yoga industry.

Always in the more general health and wellness category, The Balance Blonde, Mind Body Green and Almost 30 interview really interesting, passionate people about everything you can think of within health and wellness. Sometimes they really inspire and motivate me, sometimes they just really get me thinking and sometimes they just get me into a good mindset.



 Once again let’s start with my favourite Sarah’s day. She vlogs weekly sharing her workouts, food and just generally healthy, active lifestyle. She also shares advice on nutrition, superfoods, skincare, hormones and pretty much everything else.

My other life long favourite is Madeleine Shaw. She is such a positive person and a beautiful soul. She shares a lot of amazing recipes, advice on gut health and great yoga videos.

Okay now onto fitness specific. For follow along real time videos Balance TV (the YouTube channel of Balance Festival) is great and has a huge range from a lot of different people. For great fitness motivation and ideas for fun workouts Natacha Oceane is great and also has an amazing ability to eat A LOT while being super fit!

Grace Fit UK is another fitness based YouTuber with great workouts and advice on balancing fitness and uni. Miss Fit and Nerdy has lots of workouts and weight lifting tips but what I’m really interested in at the moment is her experimenting with different diets.

For what I eat in a day videos, I love Jess Beatician and SIlke Dewulf (also great yoga videos).

And finally Raw Alignment has amazing health and wellness advice. She’s all about balance and positivity and she really gets me inspired for life!


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