Getting Back on Track and Staying Motivated

Getting Back on Track and Staying Motivated

It’s the end of the Easter holiday. I’ve eaten too much chocolate, haven’t been to the gym in 3 weeks and the work I told myself I would do is still unfinished. Today I’m talking about the ways I’m getting back on track and how I’m going to stay motivated. I’m going to talk quite specifically about my health, diet and exercise but most of these tips can be used for anything you’re trying to get back on track with. I would also say that being the healthiest you can be is going to help whatever you are trying to achieve! x



The Law of Attraction

This is something that I used to think was too spiritual and airy-fairy for me but I’ve come to realise the obvious benefits of being in the right mind-set. Telling yourself you can do something/be something is going to help you move towards it a lot more that thinking about how far away you are or thinking of all the reasons it wont work.

Imagine yourself feeling truly healthy, loving exercise and fuelling your body with delicious, healthy foods. Tell yourself that you love being healthy! You love how you feel when you eat well and get up early to do yoga or go to the gym. Create a real positive mind-set around it and keep yourself excited.


No more excuses, start now!

How many times do we tell ourselves we’ll start tomorrow, on Monday, next week, when I’m less busy. I’ve been telling myself for the last week that I’ll start my health kick when I’m back in London (where I have a gym and buy and cook my own food). But why not start now?

The important thing to remember is that any positive change you make or thing you do is a step forward. You might not have done everything you want all at once and there might be things holding you back but you can still do something! Going back to the example of me right now: I might not be able to do my proper gym workouts but I can go for a little walk each day and do some yoga or a home workout.  My mum does most of the cooking while I’m staying at hers but I can still make a healthy lunch for myself each day and offer to cook dinner a couple of nights. Basically, any little changes are good!


Find some inspirations

Go old school and create a mood board, head to Pinterest or Instagram, listen to podcasts, read a book. Surround yourself with positive pictures and ideas that make you want to be the best you can. Spend 5 minutes each morning looking at or finding new inspiration to inspire you through the day. It could be a workout video, a new recipe, a motivational message- find what works for you.

(Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming ‘loving lately’ post where I’ll share some of my favourite inspiring blogs, Instagrams, books, podcasts etc.)



Find a balance that works for you and remember that balance can change! Some weeks you might be able to go to the gym 5 times a week and then others you might only have time to go once. That’s okay! It’s also okay to fail sometimes. Just go back to your inspiration and positive thinking and get back to it.


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