My Food Mantra (recharge)

My Food Mantra (recharge)

This year I’m reading the book Recharge by Julie Montague. For anyone that doesn’t know, it’s based around a year of self care and every month there’s a chapter on a different topic that you focus on that month to try and set new habits. I thought it would be interesting to do a blog series where each month I share my own view on the topic being discussed as well as some things I’ve learnt from the chapter and any changes I’m trying to make that month.

In February, the chapter I’m reading is all about eating the right foods mindfully. I’m going to share my ‘food mantra’ and how I keep my diet healthy. A lot of what I’ve taken from the book this month is about mindful eating and dealing with emotional eating so I will also share some points from that.


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I don’t like to put a label on my diet and I definitely don’t like to take healthy eating too far with unsustainable, fad diets. My diet is all about listening to my body and eating the food that I know will fuel and nourish me. I try my hardest to cook all my meals from scratch using whole foods and then supplement these meals with snacks from companies I trust and who’s ingredients I like.

I avoid gluten, dairy and beans as much as I can because of my IBS and I also have allergies to nuts, seeds and quite a few fruits.

I am not vegan but it is something I am interested in and I do cook a lot of vegan recipes. I think it’s wrong that veganism is so all or nothing. Eating slightly less meat and dairy still has a positive impact on the environment and health. It is seen as a very positive thing to reduce plastic use without using none or to exercise a couple of times a week without it becoming the centre of your life and I think the same thing can be said for eating more plant based foods.

I eat some meat, eggs and cheese within a diet of lots of plant based foods. As someone with a lot of intolerances and allergies already, I really don’t want to strictly limit my diet anymore. Also, not being able to eat nuts, seeds or a lot of pulses, I would struggle to get enough protein on a vegan diet.

Here are couple of things I’m trying to do this month:

  1. Acknowledge the feelings and emotions that lead me to want to emotionally eat. I’m learning to feel and accept them, hoping that this will help bring mental clarity and stop me from eating ‘bad’ food as a result. I am writing about these food urges and the triggers in my journal.
  2. When I feel tempted to eat unhealthy foods or emotionally eat, I am setting a timer for 5 minutes on my phone. In this time I will think/write about my emotions, listen to calm music, make a cup of tea. Then at the end of these 5 minutes, if I still want to eat then I will.
  3.  I have 2 mantras that I will recite daily: ‘I eat healthy food to nourish my body’ and ‘ I am in control of how I feel and what I eat’
  4. I will pause before I eat to be grateful for the food that is on my plate.
  5. I will eat in a calm environment away from distractions. I will eat slowly and try to  notice all the ingredients in the food.


PS. I am working on a ‘what I eat in a week’ post so keep your eyes peeled!


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