Wellness For When You’re Ill

Wellness For When You’re Ill

I felt inspired to sit down and write a blog post today. One of my intentions for this month was to let go of a plan with my blog and write what I feel inspired to write when I feel motivated to. I have a list of future blog posts I want to write but looking down the list today, I wanted to write about something that is very relevant to me right now- being ill!

I find we are all very good at practising mindfulness when we feel positive, eating well when we have the energy to and looking after ourselves when we have time but these things are MOST important when we don’t feel positive, have energy or have much time. I am very good at eating nutritious, whole foods when I am healthy but when I am ill (and most need these healthy foods!) I can’t be bothered to cook and I crave sugary, unhealthy foods.

These are my tips for practising wellness when you’re ill and not feeling your best.



1. Eat the foods that you know will help you heal and feel better. Think about the long term benefits, not the short term comfort of sugary, junk foods. Colourful fruit and vegetables will give you the nutrients and vitamins you need and getting the right balance of healthy carbohydrates, fats and protein will help you get back your energy and focus.

2. Don’t overdo it. Sleep is the most important thing for recovery. When you are ill, try and get an extra hour or so of sleep. If you need to take a day off then don’t feel bad about it, you will work so much more efficiently when you are well rested and feeling better. Don’t force yourself to exercise if you don’t feel up to it.

3. Move moderately and get outside. Okay so rest is important but after a day of feeling sorry for yourself and loafing around, positivity from fresh air and moving could be just what you need to feel better. Go for a little walk or try a gentle yoga flow. Just don’t overdo it.

4. Connect with others. A nice phone call or Facetime call when you’re stuck in bed can really brighten your day and boost your mood. If you’re no longer contagious then invite a friend round for coffee or dinner. It’s very easy to overlook the importance of social wellness! We were made to interact.

5. Be productive. Does anyone else feel so negative and unmotivated when you achieve very little in a day? Use your time stuck at home to do something you’ve been putting off for a while or never got round to doing. Reply to some emails, research something, listen to an intellectual podcast or watch a documentary. The mental benefits of stimulating your mind and feeling productive are huge!


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