January Look Back and February Goals

January Look Back and February Goals

January has been an amazing month for me. I had so many dreams and intentions for 2018 that seemed quite out there and impossible for me but January has shown me actually I can make 2018 everything I want it to be. One of my goals for the year was to learn to deal with stress which anyone who knows me will know, seems impossible for me! January has been a month that could have been so stressful for me with exams and new courses and job hunting but somehow I have stayed so positive and calm and I am so in awe of myself for that.


I didn’t do overly well with the specific goals I set in January but that’s okay! I feel like I have stayed true to myself, done what feels right and really started to align with my true self. I wanted to do yoga every single day which I managed for 18 days but then I missed a day and I was angry at myself but this was a day when I had done a long walk and meditated with my journal in the evening and I realised how stupid it was to beat myself up over missing yoga! Some days I was really busy and actually in the time I had set aside to do yoga, I was really craving doing a sweaty workout, or going for a walk in the fresh air and that was okay! I wanted to continue to love yoga, not make it something I felt I had to do so I adapted my goal to be to do more yoga when it was something I wanted to do.

This was a theme that carried through a lot of my goals this month so for February my goals are definitely focusing around listening to my mind and body and doing what feels right!

1. Do an act of self care every day. 

I don’t even want to try and define what this could be because I want this to be something that is so open to what I feel that day. Maybe its 5 minutes journaling, an hour workout, setting aside time to read or something I haven’t even thought of yet! But I am going to do something (however small) every day.

2. Have a wardrobe clear out.

I will NEVER be a minimalist but I really want to be able to open my wardrobe and feel that I love everything in there and would feel comfortable and beautiful in everything.

3. Don’t go straight on my phone when I wake up. 

I’m going to really try and start being more mindful with the first minutes of my day by not aimlessly scrolling through social media!

4. Let go of a plan with my blog. 

The last post I put up went up a day later than I had planned on my schedule and I was so annoyed at myself! The next day I went on a meditative walk and it hit me that this is not what my blog is about! I don’t do it because I have to and I planned to, I do it because I enjoy it and I am passionate about the things I talk about. This month I am not scheduling when to post anything and I am just going to write when I feel inspired to.

5. Listen to more podcasts. 

I had forgotten how much podcasts inspire me creatively, help me destress and refocus and even push my healthy habits. Definitely something I want more of!



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