18 Reasons to do Yoga in 2018

18 Reasons to do Yoga in 2018

As I was looking over my 2018 goals, I suddenly realised just how many of them could be helped by doing yoga. I don’t think there is anything else out there that has as many positive physical and mental effects on us. Today I’m sharing 18 reasons why you should do yoga in 2018 and how it can help YOU.


Let’s start with the obvious ones:

  1. It will increase your flexibility.
  2. It will help increase your strength and build muscle tone.
  3. It will improve your general fitness and stamina.
  4. It promotes weight loss.
  5. It can increase your awareness of the body.
  6. This mind-body connection can help reduce food cravings.
  7. It helps prevent injury from sport or sitting at a desk all day.
  8. It will improve your posture.
  9. It increases energy levels.
  10. It improves respiratory health.
  11. It can help relieve stress.
  12. This in turn can help with digestive problems like IBS.
  13. It improves sleep quality.
  14. It improves your bone health and can help prevent Osteoporosis.
  15. It increases blood flow.
  16. It can improve your mood and help with depression.
  17. It improves your focus and productivity.
  18. It can help boost your immune system.

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