January Goals

January Goals

Happy new year! I set my new year goals about 3 weeks ago now which you can read here. My method this year was to set quite broad goals that I could then breakdown into smaller goals and steps each month so that reaching these goals seems more realistic and doable. I set 8 big goals for 2018 and today I am going to share with you the steps I am taking towards them in January. Enjoy!


  1. My first big goal for the year was to reflect daily and journal more so in January I am going to make sure I set an intention every morning.
  2. In 2018 I wanted to be more mindful with money and save more so this month I am challenging myself to spend less than £100 a week (excluding rent and bills) and also to apply for at least 5 new jobs.
  3. To help establish a morning routine, I am going to get my alarm back to 7am after all the lie-ins over christmas.
  4. Probably my biggest goal of 2018 was to move more (not always intense workouts at the gym but walking more and doing yoga). In January I am trying to do yoga every single morning. I have just started Yoga With Adriene’s new 30 day yoga challenge ‘true’ which I hope will keep me motivated and focused.
  5. I also wanted to eat more whole foods in the new years and my focus food wise in January is to cut down on refined sugar. In the past I have tried cutting it out completely for a set amount of time but I think just reducing it as much as I can is going to be much more sustainable and help me more in the long term.
  6. I am just over half way through my degree at music college and this year I wanted to focus on loving music again and really pushing my career. In January my goal is to practise violin for at least 3 hours every week day.
  7. Potentially my hardest goal for the year is to learn to deal with stress and I really struggled with coming up with little things I can do to help this. I’ve decided to try something completely new to me and try to start and end every day with a positive affirmation throughout January.
  8. Finally, I want to bring my blog to a place I am happy with in 2018 which includes finding content I am super passionate about and building more of a community and readership. In January my aim is to set up a Pinterest account for my blog and really learn how to utilise it.

Lots to work on! But I am someone who loves January and the new year and I know the excitement of fresh starts and 2018 possibilities will be enough motivation for me!


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