Sky Garden’s Yoga

Sky Garden’s Yoga

A couple of weeks ago I attended a yoga class above London in the sky gardens. It was a truly beautiful morning which I definitely hope to experience again! I’m just going to talk you through a little bit about it, share some tips if you’re looking to give it a go and of course share some photos!

Meg x x x

It was an early morning! The classes start at 6.30 in the week and 8.30 at weekends. I went at the weekend but still, a 7am train on a Sunday is not normal for me! I was worried because it was a later class that we would miss the sunrise but we were at prime sunrise time when we arrived. Definitely bare this in mind and if you’re doing a later class, leave photo taking time before the class.

They say to leave 10 minutes to go through security and get up there but I would advise getting there as early as you can. We were there when they opened the doors which meant we got prime spots and had time to take photos.

The class itself was an hour long vinyasa flow. It was a class perfect for all levels with lots of variations and time to personalise. It was a very relaxing class with a lot of focus on breathing and mindfulness. It also took us gently into the positions at first which was great for early in the morning. One not I would not would say is that it was cooold! I’m sure it’s better if you go in summer but definitely bring a jumper and socks that you’re happy to work in.

It was a really lovely yoga community. There’s something nice about being in a room where you know you have something in common with everyone in there. There was no judgement, just a group of people sharing something they love!

I know last week was the final week they run yoga classes for this year but keep your eyes peeled in spring.



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