10 Habits to Start For a Healthy, Happy Life

10 Habits to Start For a Healthy, Happy Life

Habits are something that have become so important in my life. I’m a big sucker for routines and planning and having bad habits as part of those routines can make us un-productive, un-motivated, tired etc. So today I’m challenging you to notice these bad habits and get them out of your routine! Try adapting and adding in these 10 good habits which will help you get the most out of your day and yourself.

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Introduce a mindfulness practise to each morning. Whether it’s a 2 minute meditation if you’re in a rush or a half an hour yoga practise, it’s so important to start each day with mindfulness. Enjoy spending time with yourself and become more present. You’ll find yourself less stressed, more motivated and more positive.

Make your bed. The first step to every productive day.

Set daily intentions. I went into a lot of detail on this in a recent blog post which you can read here. It will really help to make everyday count and make your life more positive and productive.

Up your step count. The general recommendation is 10,000 a day if you have a tracker or your phone tracks this for you. Try getting off public transport a stop early or parking slightly further away and walking. Try and incorporate a walk into your lunch break or morning. Even 10 minutes a day will make a difference.

Spend more time in nature. This is very linked to the last point. I find going for a walk outside or reading in a park will instantly lift me mood! Fresh air and a beautiful setting can really do so much for your mind. Greenwich Park has become my second home!

Create a productive and healthy morning routine. Creating a routine with rituals you do everyday will help you become more productive. Introduce yoga, setting intentions, a walk, a healthy breakfast, a time to check emails.

Create a calming evening routine to wind down. It is so important to be technology free for a time before you sleep (we are all guilty!) Introduce a routine of things you do away from technology for half an hour before you sleep. Maybe light a candle, put on a face mask and read or write in a journal or do some art.

Sleep! Getting enough quality sleep effects your day and your mood immensely. I’ve recently moved my sleeping pattern earlier because you get the highest quality sleep before midnight.

Meal prep for each day. The best tip for eating healthily! If you know you’re going to be in a rush for dinner then cook a meal the night before and leave a portion. If you know you’re going to be out for lunch then pack a salad to take with you rather than trusting yourself to buy healthy food when you’re hungry and in a rush. If you know you’re out for a long time then take healthy snacks with you.

Spend more time with the people you love. Learn to say no to things if you know you wont have any time to spend with your friends, family or partner. Surrounding yourself with people you love is the best way to stay happy. Make sure you leave time for this!



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