October Goals and September Look Back

October Goals and September Look Back

Hello hello!

September was a great month for me! I loved settling back into London, getting back into routines and uni and of course it was birthday! It was also quite a difficult month with being ill quite a lot and recently being diagnosed with IBS as well as a lot of stress from starting my third year at university. I’m going to start by looking back over a couple of my goals from September and then share 5 that I have set myself for the next month (I know I’m a bit late to be calling them October goals!)

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One of my goals for September was to get back into the gym after I’d been off exercise a lot over summer. I wanted to start really enjoying exercise and being healthy again and build my strength and stamina back up. I fell like I have done well with this! I’ve really been enjoying going to the gym and although sometimes it’s been hard, I’ve been consistently going 3-5 times a week. I’ve also started everyday with some yoga in my room and my diet has been pretty on point. Yay me!

Another one of my goals was to start a proper night routine and start getting up earlier and again, I have definitely achieved this. I’ve been up between 7 and 7.30 in the week everyday and even at the weekend, never managed a proper lie in. I’ve been managing to turn technology off at 10pm every night and be asleep by 11. I’ve started reading in bed before I sleep (another of my goals) and quite regularly I FaceTime my boyfriend for a bit in the evening rather than texting all night.


October Goals

  1. My first goal is to master the low FODMAP diet and find a range of delicious meals that I can actually eat! After being diagnosed with IBS a few weeks ago, my GP told me to try the low FODMAP diet where I have to cut out sooooo many foods (gluten, milk, onion, garlic, avocado etc.) and it’s very difficult to find more than about 2 meals that I can actually eat so my first goal is to find a varied diet I can actually eat!
  2. In October I want to try and walk more. I want to try and go on a big walk weekly whether that be getting a train to the countryside and doing a proper hike or exploring a London park. I also want to make a conscious effort to keep my step count above 10,000 every day.
  3. De-stress! Starting back at uni, sorting money, dealing with IBS, being in a distance relationship- it’s all very stressful! This month I really want to try and worry less and come up with stratagies for dealing with stress. I need to learn to take time out and not always need everything to be so organised.
  4. Start saving money for summer. Next summer we really want to go on a big holiday and I really want to be in the financial situation where it isn’t going to ruin me! I’ve just managed to get out of my overdraft after paying upfront bills and gym membership for the year and I now want to start earning and saving excess income.
  5. Become more independent and enjoy time on my own. I’m a very people person and quite needy in terms of relationships. I want to really work on being happy on my own and enjoying spending time by myself and relaxing.




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