How I’ve Moved My Bullet Journal to My Phone | 5 Apps For Productivity

How I’ve Moved My Bullet Journal to My Phone | 5 Apps For Productivity

Last year I used a bullet journal all year and I loved it! I’m a planning and tracking addict and I loved making it look organised and attractive. However I found that I used up SO much time planning my life rather than doing it and drawing up weekly and monthly pages wasted a lot of time. You wouldn’t believe how many diaries, calendars and notebooks I use for planning and this year I decided I needed to try and minimise this. With a bit of research, I found 5 apps for my phone that do everything I used to do in my bullet journal, and in half the time!

(Note all these apps are on ios but I am sure most are available or have equivalents with android and google)

I hope you find this useful and let me know if you have any other apps for productivity to recommend!



This is probably my favourite app! It has taken over from my habit tracker in my bullet journal. You select habits and how often and when you want to do them (for example, I track doing yoga in the morning everyday and when I go to the gym, aiming for 4 times a week). You can see graphs and charts for each habit you track to see your progress and t keeps you up to date on if you’re reaching your goal for each habit.



So this is more than an app but the app helps me to track my spending and set financial goals. It is a prepaid card that you sign up for online and then control completely from your app. You top you card up by how much you want to spend (I do £60 a week) and then it tracks your spending but instantly rather waiting for it to process for a few days like with a normal debit card. You get a notification instantly when you spend any money telling you how much you spent and where and your new balance.

Everything is categorised eg. groceries, eating out, social and you can see what percentage of your money you’re spending on each thing. You can also set monthly goals which I love! You can set how much you want to spend overall that month as well as on each category and it keeps you up to date with if you’re going to go over.



Okay so this is an app that comes automatically on every apple product and I’ve always used it a little bit but recently I’ve used it so much more. I use it for my general to do list as well as things that need to be done at certain times. You can have no reminder or you can set it to remind you at a certain time or even at a certain place eg. Remind me to buy eggs when I’m near Sainsburys. You can also set it to be a continuous reminder for example I get a reminder every 2 weeks to water my house plants. It’s very simple to use and I love that I can use Siri to add to it.


Long day

This app is so simple but so useful! It shows you each day hour by hour and you just enter things in to plan your day. I like to use it in the morning or the night before. I start by entering any classes or meeting I have that day and then look at my spare time to decide when I’m going to practise, work on my blog, cook/eat and have time off.



So this is one that not everyone needs to use but is very useful for me. If you don’t need to use this then fitness tracker is a great alternative for just tracking your diet and exercise.

I am currently undergoing testing for IBS and celiac disease and this is helping me track it and work out what foods are my problems. It allows you to track each meal and the ingredients in it and the symptoms you get throughout the day. You can also track other things that might effect it like stress level, if you’re on your period and if you’ve exercised. You can then see how different foods and activities effect how you feel.


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