Weekend Reading List

Weekend Reading List

Happy weekend and welcome to another weekend reading list! This week I’ve found some great posts on food, home and mindfulness. There’s some really interesting reads and tips very close to home for me at the moment. In the last fortnight I’ve been undergoing lots of tests for celiac disease and been told I can’t eat dairy for a month! A struggle to say the least! So I’ve been on the hunt for some healthy and suitable recipes. I hope you enjoy

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reading list 2

The Questions to Ask When You’re Decluttering Nourishing Minimalism

The Best Ways to Display Indoor Plants The Private Life of a Girl

Master Bathroom Reveal A Beautiful Mess

How It’s Made: Lush Bath Bomb Edition Byrdie

What I Learnt About Mindfulness by Living With Buddhist Monks For a Week  Well and Good

7 Easy Ways to Cut Down on Sugar Camille Styles

Your Nutritionist-Approved Guide to Eating Out (and Still Enjoying Yourself) The Everygirl

7 Surprising Things That Have Gluten in Them  Well and Good

The Best Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Make On Busy Mornings This Fall Glitter Guide

How to make a delicious Japanese Probiotic Macro bowl!! rrayyme

And a little cheeky self promotion here but have you seen my latest 2 posts on setting daily intentions and getting back into the gym after summer?


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