How and Why I Set Daily Intentions

How and Why I Set Daily Intentions

Setting daily intentions is something that was first introduced to me through yoga. I followed a lot of Adrienne’s videos when I first started and she often said at the end of her video that if you were doing it in the morning then this was the perfect time to set a daily intention. The idea is something that I instantly took a shining to! I love being organised and planning and I’m always trying to find ways to bring happiness and de-stress. This is my little guide to setting intentions, I hope you enjoy and find it useful.

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Intentions are like goals but broader and something that can be held in your mind and applied to your whole day rather than a specific aspect. It can be an idea, a value, a way you want to feel, a purpose.



It is really important to get setting an intention into your routine so it just becomes a habit. I do yoga every morning in the week and I set my intention at the end of my practise each morning. At weekends when I’m with my boyfriend so don’t often do yoga, I set it when I first wake up, just sat in bed. It could be something you think about on your commute to work. You just have to find a way that works for you. You might want to set a weekly intention instead so incorporate it into your Sunday night.

Intentions are about ways to create the life you want. Think of the quote “what you think, is what you become”. Start by really being present, how do you feel? Are you quite stressed? Tired? Annoyed or angry? Happy, sad? And think about how you want to feel. How would you get from how you feel now to how you want to feel? That’s a good place to start.

It could be something like ‘be actively kind towards people’ ‘have an open mind’ ‘practise gratitude’ ‘act with courage’ ‘find more time for yourself’. Try and carry it in your mind with you all day. This will become easier as it becomes part of your everyday life. I like to write it on a post-it note on my computer so I get constant reminders through the day or you might like to write it on your phone.



Daily intentions can do anything you want them to do! What ever you want to achieve in your life, setting a small, short term step towards that everyday is going to help you get there. Our intentions create our reality. You could use it to forward your business/work, it could help you become a calmer less stressed person, it could help you become more productive, healthy, happy, sociable. Setting daily intentions instead of/as well as goals helps you become a much more present person. You learn to take everything in small steps thinking about the day ahead, preparing and bettering your future but without thinking too much and worrying about it.


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