8 Tips to Get Back into The Gym After Summer

8 Tips to Get Back into The Gym After Summer

You worked for months to get fit for summer and then holidays and BBQs and days out over summer take you back to square one. We all do it. Over summer I go home to my parents where I don’t have a gym so coming back in September always leaves me a lot less fit than when I left!

These are my top 8 tips to get motivated to get back into that gym routine after a summer off. Enjoy!

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Try a new class

Trying something new and mixing up your old routine can really help give you that new found motivation that you need. A class is great to help push you when you’re their and it’s always great to have an instructor to check your form.


Find a gym buddy

Similarly to going to a class, going to the gym with someone will motivate you when you’re there. You can push each other and encourage each other. You’re also a lot less likely to cancel on going to the gym with a friend than on your own.


Schedule it in

At the start of each week look through your week and book in workout time. This is especially important if you have a busy life. Be realistic about how often you’ll be able to go. Try and book it in in the morning as you’ll probably be tired and less motivated to go by the evening.


Go back to basics

After time off you’re not going to be as fit and strong as when you left off so don’t feel disheartened when you can’t do things. Take your gym routine back to basics (imagine you were teaching someone who hadn’t been to the gym before) and know that you are going to improve A LOT faster than when you first started. You’re going to do a lot better increasing gradually than injuring yourself trying to do too much!


Set specific goals

If you’re going to the gym for the sake of it or because you feel like you should or even if you just want to get generally healthy then you are going to struggle to motivate yourself and track your progress. By setting specific goals you really have something to push for and something to celebrate when you smash them. Maybe you want to be able to hold a plank for 2 minutes or run 5k or lift a certain weight. Maybe you want to get visible abs or build leg muscle or be able to do the splits. Once you reach your goal you can set another.


Lay your stuff out the night before

If you go to the gym in the morning this can really make a difference! If the first thing you see when you get out of bed is your gym clothes and trainers then you’re going to put them on without questioning it but if you have to go fumbling through drawer then you have time to come up with aaaaall the excuses not to go. Trust me, I’ve been there!


Find some new workout clothes

Nothing makes me want to go to the gym more than a new pair of beautiful leggings. I just want to wear them as much as possible and I somehow feel a new confidence in my exercise abilities because I look like a pro!


30 days make a habit

If you can stick to regularly working out for 30 days then it will be back as part of your routine. So push through those early mornings, sweaty runs and aching muscles for 1 month. You got this!



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