September Goals

September Goals

I love September! I’ve always loved the idea of a fresh start and great intentions as the new academic year begins and of course it’s my birthday! September to me seems like the perfect time to plan and point in the right direction. Here are my 6 September goals of things I want to achieve aim towards in the next month.

I hope everyone has a great September!

Meg x x x

september goals

Get back into the gym  

I’ve had a long time off over summer being not particularly healthy which I don’t regret but it’s time to get back to it! I’m not setting any particular, fitness goals this month but I just want to get back into enjoying exercise and try and build my fitness and strength back up.


Spend more time with uni friends

Towards the end of last year, work load and tiredness meant I became a bit of a hermit! I want to take the new year as a chance to really start spending more time with my friends again and sometimes actually choose going to social events over an early night!


Scrapbook summer

I had lots of adventures over summer and I want to make sure I print out photos and scrapbook them before I forget things. I love looking back over summer memories.


Get a proper night routine and start waking up earlier

Over summer I have got into the habit of late nights and big lie ins. I want to boost my productivity and energy by waking up earlier. I am aiming for 7 am every day by the end of September! I also want to introduce a proper night routine where I have technology free time and properly wind down before I sleep.


Continue reading

I love reading and always read so much over summer but every time I get back into the academic year, I just stop. I want to make time for reading (probably in my night routine) even when I am busy and continue to read throughout the whole year.

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