A New Direction

A New Direction

I started blogging just over a year ago. I guess my main reason for starting was because suddenly my hobby had become my degree and I was a bit like ‘what do I do to relax/have fun now?’ At a similar time I started going to the gym and eating healthily and so I was talking about that on my blog as well as beauty and clothes and basically whatever I fancied.

I have changed a lot since then and with that, I want to change the direction of my blog. Over the last few months, my priorities and outlook have really changed. Being healthy for me is no longer about burning as many calories as I can in the gym and only eating salad but about how I feel, being more energised, feeling healthy. I have really started to get into yoga and meditation and become a lot more mindful and aware of my body. This has been such a positive change for me!

I felt like I was becoming a very materialistic person and blogging didn’t help with this. I always felt like I needed new products to talk about and a new outfit to share. There was a lot of feeling of if I get this and this and this then I’ll be happier and that is SO not what happiness is. I’ve found myself moving away from this. I regular don’t wear makeup at all and I worry a lot less about the clothes I wear and with this, I haven’t been feeling so motivated and inspired when writing about these things.

Of course I still enjoying doing my skin care and makeup and I do still love and appreciate beautiful clothes and I will continue to talk about it sometimes on my blog but I want to bring my blog to a really happy place.

I feel like I am truly starting on an amazing journey towards a really balanced, happy, de-stressing and calm life and I want to share this journey with you on my blog. I want to talk a lot more about things like yoga, meditation, self love, and motivation as well as sharing beautiful places, delicious food and wonderful memories.

I really hope you will join me on this journey

Meg x x x



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