Bringing Hygge into Summer

Bringing Hygge into Summer


This winter we were hit by the Hygge trend. A Nordic word literally translating as ‘a feeling of cosiness’. I loved the idea of Hygge; Cosy homes, beautiful outdoors, delicious food and so much more. The first things that come to your head when you think of Hygge are probably log fires, winter candles, blankets and wrapping up warm but I want to show you how we can bring the sense of Hygge into Spring and Summer. Here are my 5 tips.

Firstly, an obvious one. One of the main ideas of Hygge is spending time outside and in nature and summer just gives us even more reason to do this! Bring your social life outside with BBQs in the park or organise a garden part, explore the countryside near you on a hike or bike ride, relax outside with a book or even take your meditation or yoga into nature. Nature can be so relaxing and destressing and fresh air can really benefit health and happiness so make the most of the warm weather.

Summer is the perfect time to take up a new sport or activity. Hygge is all about making things work for you and finding something you enjoy and makes you feel great. Why not try out a tennis club, join a pilates class, find a friend to go walking with or if you’re lucky enough to live in a hot country, go for a swim at the beach or a lake. So far this summer I’ve been getting really into yoga. There is so much on offer now days that there really is something for everyone.¬†Find something new that you love!

Don’t get stuck in the mindset that candles and fires are for winter and christmas. There are so many fresh, summery scented candles out there and evenings can still be made cosy with ‘winter’ candles. Why not take your fire from the fireplace to a firepit outside and toast some marshmallows with some friends or family or just wrap up in a blanket and read on a summers night.

Why not bring Hygge into your spring clean as you’re freshening up your house. A hygge house combines cosiness with minimalist. Clear out some of that junk. Go through things you own and think to yourself ‘does this make me happy?’ and if not then do you really need it? Don’t you want your house to be full of things you love? Dress up spaces with blankets, cushions, cute prints, candles and trinkets that you love.

Finally but certainly not least- food! Bringing hygge ideas into your cooking is so easy in summer. If you can’t grow your own then find locally sourced fruit and veg, use fresh ingredients, make things from scratch. Try out some new recipes and be that person who brings freshly baked cake to work or school. Find food that tastes great and makes you feel great!

I hope you’re all enjoying the warmer weather and have a great summer,

Meg x x x


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