Favourite Youtubers

Favourite Youtubers

A while ago I did a post on my favourite blogs which I will link here but I thought it was bout time I talked about my favourite youtubers! I have put them into 3 categories, fitness, lifestyle (a lot of these started as beauty or fitness bloggers but have now become a lot more general) and vloggers. There are some well known ones but I hope also some that you wont already know.


Zanna Van Dijk and Tally Rye are best friends and 2 of the founders of Girlgains. They regularly share their workouts and do vlog style what I eat in a day videos. They are both super fit, gorgeous and friendly and most importantly, very knowledgeable. They attend exciting events and recently vlogged their trip around Australia.

Carly Rowena is another fitness youtuber and blogger and personal trainer. She is based in Norwich but spends a lot of time in London. She does weekly vlogs and also shares her workouts at home, in the gym and at Crossfit. She has the most incredible abs!

Fit with El and Sarah’s day are both Australia based fitness vloggers. El is a personal trainer who shares really informative advice videos as well as workout and food ideas. Sarah is a student and is a great example of how to stay healthy on a budget and as a student. I don’t find her food particularly inspiring but her workouts are great!


First a few classics: Lily Pebbles, Fleur De Force and Samantha Maria. They’ve all been around for years and really developed their own style and place on youtube. All originally more beauty blogs but now also with lifestyle, style and bits of fitness. Samantha has also just had the cutest baby!

Madeleine Shaw and Niomi Smart are both more health vlogs but also lots of style, makeup, events and travelling. Madeleine’s monthly favourites are always so unique and interesting and having met them both in real life I have to say, they really are that stunning!

Estee Lalonde is originally from Canada but now based in London. She is one of the most cheerful and uplifting people who shares loads of her day and does regular collaborations with other youtubers. Sunbeams Jess is studying at Edinburgh university and has probably my favourite fashion sense out of everyone. She does a variety of vlogs, style and makeup and book posts. Jenny Mustard is one of the most unique and stand out youtubers. She shares tips from her minimalist life, how to be happy, how to stay focused and how to be healthy.


Vlogging is such a weird concept! I can’t get my head around the idea but I just LOVE seeing people’s everyday lives! My first and favourite vloggers are The Michalaks. They are a family who lived in London until a couple of weeks ago when they moved to Bath. Their vlogs are so artistic and interesting to watch and they are just such lovely and likeable people.

Sailing La Vagabonde is a channel where 2 people vlog their trip as they sail around the world. They visit incredible places, meet amazing people and also share the struggles of being alone on a boat in the middle of the ocean for days.

Last is one everyone will know, pointless blog (Alfie Deyes)! He lives in Brighton with Zoella and the main reason I love him is because he uploads vlogs EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Please do let me know who your favourite youtubers are because I am always looking for more people to watch instead of working…

Hope you’ve all had a great week

Meg x x x



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