Balance Festival 17

Balance Festival 17

Balance festival is a new festival in it’s first year based on food, fitness and wellness. It ran over the weekend in Shoreditch and was a huge success; definitely hoping it will return next year.


I had booked onto a Barry’s bootcamp class and a ThirdSpace HIIT workout but I fell down the stairs a few days before (Whoops!) and actually attended the festival on crutches so that didn’t happen!

I started the day by attending a talk on how to start a blog with Zanna Van Dijk, Madeleine Shaw and The Anna Edit (dream team!) It was really interesting talking about how to find your niche and how to stand out in what is now such an oversaturated market. They also talked about how to use social media, when to find a blog agency and where the fitness and wellness blogging industry is going.

I later attended a talk on how to relieve and deal with stress with Ed Foy (founder of Press juice), Lily Soutter (nutritionist), Harry Jameson (personal trainer) and Natalia Bojanic (founder of method movement and wellness expert) and were all so knowledgable and experts in their field. I learnt A LOT from that talk so I’m actually going to do a post just on how to relieve stress.

As you would expect, there was a lot of incredible food! For lunch I had some risotto balls from Arancini brothers¬†with mozzarella, sweet potato & cheddar and aubergine & mushroom which were as great as they sound. There were also loads of stalls giving out free tasters. I tried charcoal lemonade ¬†which tasted great (like lemon ice tea) and the purified charcoal has loads of health benefits. I also got some lemon and ginger honey water from Just Bee which is like healthy flavoured water with no added sugar and tastes amazing and super refreshing. Most exciting for me was Ombar which I’m definitely late to the hype on! As a nut allergy sufferer, I always assume I can’t eat vegan and healthy chocolate but when I found out it was just coconut I had to try it. It is so creamy and delicious and they do loads of different flavours- I recommend coconut and vanilla. Also, it’s healthy chocolate??!

I ended the day with a live looking class by Dale Pinnock aka the medicine chef. He was cooking Teriyaki salmon, sweet potato puree and wilted kale and imparting so much knowledge. He was using all ‘normal’ ingredients and really taking healthy food back to basics and something that’s accessible to everyone.

All in all it was a really great day where I learnt a lot and just had a lot of fun. It feels like such a great community being around everyone in gym clothes and knowing you all care about and enjoy the same things. I really hope it comes back next year and would absolutely recommend getting tickets if it does. Hopefully I won’t fall down the stairs 3 days before next year!

Hope you’ve all had a great week! x x x

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