Morning Routine For a Productive Day

Morning Routine For a Productive Day

In April I found myself in the weird situation where I no longer have lessons or regular rehearsals and I am actually completely in control of my day! With exams coming up and a lot of revision and practise needed, it is so important that I keep my days productive and motivate myself and I find that so much of this comes from my morning. This is my morning routine to set me up for a good, productive day.

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I tend to get up at about 8am and straight away brush my teeth, tie up my hair and get into gym clothes. Recently I’ve been starting my day with a protein shake/smoothie to fuel my morning gym session. I just blend a few fresh strawberries, a handful of frozen raspberries, a scoop of protein powder (I use Precision Engineered Whey Protein which I get from Holland and Barrett) ¬†and coconut milk in my Nutribullet.

Next I head straight to the gym. I really do find that going to the gym in the morning energises me for the day and helps me focus. I’ll either do my own workout combining cardio and weights or sign up to a class at my gym.

When I get back I like to have a big breakfast to keep me going until lunch. I’ll typically have scrambled egg and avocado on toast. I use the time straight after breakfast to chill a bit, check through social media and emails and plan out my day. I’ve been using this day planner from Urban Outfitters which I love! I can set out my timetable, write out goals for my day, sort my to do list and I like to use the notes section to think through my food.

day planner

After this I’ll go get dressed, do my makeup and tidy anything in my room before heading into college to start my day of practise.

I hope you found this useful and please do let me know any of your tips for a productive day!

Have a great week x x x


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