10 Things That Make Me Smile

10 Things That Make Me Smile

I had a little panic last night when I realised I was meant to have a post going up today but had nothing scheduled or written or any ideas that I could pull together in one evening! I decided instead of rushing around trying to take photos and get interesting content that I would just keep it basic and do a short, chatty post so here are a few things that make me happy.

  1. 14,000 thing to be happy about Okay so I couldn’t write this post without taking about this wonderful book by Barbara Ann Kipfer which I guess was my inspiration for this. It’s exactly what it says on the cover- a list of 14,000 things to be happy about from beautiful words to amazing places to everyday items that we overlook. I find it so uplifting just to read a couple of pages every now and then and I guess it makes me appreciate everything around me- a great mood booster!
  2. Notebooks! Please tell me I’m not alone on this one? I love pretty notebooks and blank pages writing notes and doodling. I honestly make so many lists and notes on EVERYTHING and have a stupidly large collection of notebooks but I just love them so much!
  3. Galaxy chocolate I try so hard to be healthy and eat good food but sometimes I just need some chocolate in my life! Creamy Galaxy cold from the fridge is my weakness.
  4. Photos I love photos capturing memories and reminding me of the people I love. I have a wall next to my bed covered in photos and tickets and postcards reminding me of great days and my amazing friends and family. I can honestly say that I smile every time I look at it.
  5. Emojis I really do think that most of the time, the emoji keyboard on my phone can describe my feelings better than I can with words!
  6. Countryside walks I really do love living in London, I love always being around people and always having something to do but I do really look forward to going home and being in the peace of the countryside. I always feel so calm and content with my life when I am completely on my own surrounded by nature and beautiful views.
  7. Shutters I am not joking, it is my life goal to have a house with shutters! I don’t even know why they make me so happy??! They’re just so beautiful and full of character and remind me of summer.
  8. Flowers Nothing makes me happier than having a vase of beautiful flowers in my room. I think it’s because they’re so bright and full of life.
  9. Musicals Okay so no shame, my best mood booster is putting on my musicals playlist and full on singing and dancing around my room. Nothing compares to the happiness of a happy musical character or the love of a musical couple.
  10. Travel blogs and photos Looking at other people’s adventures reminds me how beautiful and amazing the world is and always sparks some exciting planning in my mind. Thinking of all the places I can go and things I can do in my life is definitely a reason to smile!

I hope you’re all having a lovely week and have many reasons to be smiling! Would love to hear some as always.

Meg x x x


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