Wardrobe Talk | Char

Wardrobe Talk | Char

This is a new series for my blog where I am going to interview some of my friends to get a real insight into their style and wardrobe. I find it so interesting how everyone has a different style and I’m excited to find out about people’s inspiration. The aim is to get inside the heads and wardrobes of some of the people closest to me.

Today I’m interviewing Charlotte (she has just created a blog so keep your eyes out on thepyjamaprincess.wordpress.com), my music college friend, favourite shopping partner and now house mate. I have always loved her style which always looks so thought through and well put together and I’m looking forward to getting to know more about it!


How would you describe your style?

I think I’m quite girly in the sense that I wear lots of skirts and dresses and not a lot of jeans, I don’t really do jeans. I don’t really do shapeless, I always like to have a defined shape I think which is usually in at the waist. I’d rather show my waist in a skirt or a dress than my legs in a tight pair of jeans.

But overall I don’t know… I think I’m quite smart like I enjoy looking nice and dressing up- you can never be overdressed in London! If I wore what I wore here when I’m at home then people would look at me funny but here you can wear what you want and it’s accepted.

Top 5 shops and brands?

This is going to take forever! (after writing a list in her notebook and narrowing it down)

  1. Zara- for the odd really nice piece or it gets expensive!
  2. Stradivarius
  3. H&M
  4. ASOS
  5. Charity shops and Ebay

What is your all time favourite purchase?

Why are these so difficult?! Ooooh actually that’s easy, I got a trench coat/mac from the premium range at H&M that looks like a Burberry mac and I love it so so much but I don’t have it here with me because I don’t want to ruin it! I got it on Regents street when I came to see the proms at the Albert hall on my birthday 2 years ago.

Who and what would you say inspires your style?

You know!

Audrey Hepburn.

Yes, definitely Audrey Hepburn as you can probably tell from the amount of black and white, white shirts, black skirts. She always just looked really lady like and sheek. Hmm.. the other big style influence is probably bloggers and Youtubers. Samantha Maria, I really like her style- it’s very edgy, I like her a lot! I like Niomi Smart of course and I like Sunbeams Jess- she’s very edgy as well. I’m not really very edgy but I just really like their style!


Oldest piece of clothing?

I have one dress that is from Boden like the teenage version (Johnnieb) and it’s like a blue dress with crochet round the top and it’s very loose- perfect for summer. That must be about an age 14 or 15.

Newest piece of clothing?

Well I’ve got quite a lot haha (we actually went shopping together today). The last shop we went in was stradivarius so I got this top that says ‘my plie is better than yours’ for ballet and my audrey Hepburn style black midi skirt. It’s like a circle skirt, slightly puffy but not too much and a couple of lose pleats.

Most expensive piece of clothing?

Could be the H&M mac which is a weird place to get an expensive item from! Oh actually my year 11 prom dress. I’m not a fan of Kim Kardashian but I just loved the dress. It was based on a dress she wore to the opening of the Dubai store. This was custom made to my measurements.

How do you like to accessorise? 

I like rings a lot. I sometimes put more on but I always wear these ones. I have lots of chunky ones from Camden, Camden is the best for rings! Lot of earrings, how could I forget about the earrings?! I have 2 in each lobe, a hoop in my helix, a climber thing and at the moment I have a little cuff on. Because I like earrings and rings, I like to keep necklaces quite simple so I have a silver one with a tiny moon on from Brandy Melville and this new one which is gold with a lotus flower from Accessorize.

What is one piece you really want to add to your wardrobe right now?

Crinkly trousers! Which I’ve looked for in every shop! Black, crinkly, calotte trousers. I need some.

What is your favourite season for style?

Probably Autumn. I hate summer clothes- I don’t like a lot of colour or having a lot of skin on show. I really like tights and jumpers and autumnal colours like mustard and burgandy and black and ankle boots. Autumn’s just great. It gets colder so you can wear more and layer, make it interesting, all very fun.

And that is it! Thank you so much for reading and I hope you found this as interesting as I did. Please let me know your thoughts on this new series and if you have any other question ideas for the future. Have a great week!

Meg x x x


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