My Favourite Blogs

My Favourite Blogs

Hello all! Hope you’ve had a great week. I love reading blogs! It’s so relaxing to put on some music, wrap up in a blanket and read through blog posts in the evening. I pick up so many tips and ideas for my life, read interesting stories and of course get inspiration for my own blog. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you my top 10 favourite blogs with the hope that you will fall in love with them as much as I did and of course, I would love to hear your favourite blogs so I can fall in love with them!


No surprise, I generally read beauty and lifestyle blogs so here are my top 10. They are in no particular order because that would be far too difficult!

  1. Cider with Rosie– This is just such a happy blog! It is a blog of her life in Surrey with days out, beautiful outfits, recipes, things that make her happy, creative inspiration etc. She had a baby a couple of weeks ago so recently it’s been following her pregnancy and preparation including decoration of the cutest nursery you’ve ever seen.
  2. Petite Elliee– Ellie is the smiliest, super cheerful girl with great outfits, makeup and little gems of life advice. She’s a new find of mine and I love her blog so much!
  3. Hannah Gale– Another uplifting blog (you can see the trend here!) She is always amazingly dressed and her lifestyle blog literally encompasses EVERYTHING!
  4. Beauty by Kelsey– She is a gorgeous beauty blogger who has so many tips and tries out all sorts of products. She does really great reviews with lots of photos which I find so helpful.
  5. Bumpkin Betty– This is another more lifestyle blog. She has a baking club where she shares the most delicious recipes! She also shares lots of her outfits, adventures out and about and home and lifestyle advice.
  6. Kate La Vie– Another lifestyle blog that incorporates everything! She has a lot of focus on beauty with lots of reviews and makeup looks as well as recipes, travel, decorating,  photos and much more.
  7. Fashion Mumblr– This is a fashion and beauty blog with a lot of knowledge! She is gorgeous and always amazingly dressed. She shares amazing outfit ideas, makeup reviews and little lifestyle gems.
  8. Niomi Smart– Niomi began as a beauty blogger but has moved more towards food and health. She is still always beautifully dressed and still shares her some beauty but also has amazing recipes (she’s just brought out her first recipe book) and great tips for being healthy.
  9. Amelia Says– Amelia focuses on beauty with reviews of almost every product you could wish for! She is stunning with amazing advice a recommendations.
  10. Thirteen Thought– A beauty and lifestyle blog, this is another blog that shares everything. She shares great blogging and photography tips, beauty reviews, life advice, healthy recipes and anything else you could want!

Enjoy reading! Please do share your favourite blogs, I am always looking for new blogs to follow and read.

Meg x x x


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