Uni- What I’m doing differently

Uni- What I’m doing differently

As you may know, I have just started my second year of university. I had an amazing first year and learnt a lot about moving away from home and living independently. These are just a few things that I’m doing differently this year having learnt from experience.

I just want to apologise for how long it’s been since my last post. I moved into my new house in London about 3 weeks ago and we didn’t have wifi for quite a while and then have been busy settling in and starting back at uni. I hope to get back into the routine of Sunday and Wednesday posts so keep your eyes out!

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Last year I wasn’t bad with money but during summer without a student loan or income coming in, I wish I’d saved more. I was careful with money but I didn’t keep track of it. This year I am keeping a small notebook in my handbag to keep track of money I spend during the day and then I have a spreadsheet at home to copy it into.

I am definitely not a computer wiz but I found a great template for tracking personal budget on Microsoft Excel and just made a few tweaks like changing the currency to pounds. I’m using a new spreadsheet for each month and there is even a pie chart to show what percentage of my budget I have spent. I think having to write down everything I spend and seeing it visually will make me more inclined to save money so fingers crossed this will work!

Capsule Wardrobe 

Okay so basically I am obsessed with clothes. Last year I filled every hanging and drawer space with clothes and to be honest, I got to the end of the year and had only worn some things once or twice. This year I have tried to really cut down on the amount of clothes I take.

Whilst I’m never going to be able to live out of a proper capsule wardrobe, I am trying to take on board some of the principals. I want nice staple items that I can wear with anything and mix and match and I want to truly love every piece of my clothing. Right now I’m working out which of my clothes I do enjoy wearing and then once I’ve got a good amount of money I will buy anything that I think is missing. I have a good sized room so this year so I am thinking of getting a clothes rail where I can keep my most worn, staple, and favourite items which I can update each season. I will definitely keep you updated!


I so often last year would come home from a really stressful, busy day and lie in bed watching TV and texting all night. This was bad for me for so many reasons. I would be on technology until the minute I went to bed which really diminishes sleep quality and meant it took me longer to fall asleep. I also didn’t have any proper ‘me’ time. I was constantly texting someone else and being deeply engrossed in the lives of TV or film characters.

This year I am going to try and turn of my laptop at least half an hour before I go to sleep and read or draw or something similar. I am also going to try and make more time to just relax on my own and do a facemask or some yoga/meditation and listen to relaxing music. I want to make sure I go to bed and wake up happy and calm everyday. However bad my day has been or however much I have to worry about in the coming day, I want to get myself to a relaxed state and not be worrying.


Similar problem to the last one really- everyday I come home tired and stressed and shut myself in my room the whole night. I am someone that gets lonely so easily and really does need close friends but this year I know I really need to make more of an effort socially. I really don’t enjoy clubbing or staying up until the early hours of the morning and I’m not going to make myself do things I don’t enjoy but it’s just going to be little changes. I’m not going to eat dinner in my room, I’m going try and coincide it with one of my house mates eating and sit at the dining table and talk about our days. If I’m sat in bed watching a movie then I’ll move to the sofa and do a movie night with friends. If I want to grab a coffee on the way to a lecture then I’ll contact a friend and go earlier so we can sit and drink coffee and chat. I just want to make sure I spend more time with people this year.

Make your room feel like home 

While I did decorate me room last year and put photos up, it never quite felt like home. I think actually being in a house rather than halls will help a lot but I’m also trying to add things to make it feel like my room. I have a wall which I’ve covered in photos and tickets and cards which just remind me of all my friends and family and fun memories. I also have bunting up and pictures around the walls. The favourite part of my room is the top of my chest of drawers where I have lots of candles and insense and plants all my makeup payed out.
I hope some of my tips will help people moving into university or even just moving into a new year at school. I will definitely keep you updated with how my year at uni is going.

Good luck to anyone who is starting!

Meg x x x



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  1. September 24, 2016 / 3:30 pm

    I’d struggle with budgeting for sure, good luck in your new year x

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