It’s Croatia photos time! We had an amazing few weeks in what really was a beautiful country. The first thing that hit me flying in was just how green it was. The never ending forests, rocky mountains and crystal waters made for some of the most incredible scenery I have ever seen! Of course, the best way to show you our adventures is through photos so I wont waffle on too much. Tom filmed a lot of the holiday which he has put together into 2 vlogs over on his youtube so check that out here!

We flew into Zagreb before spending the next 3 weeks traveling down along the coast visiting various cities, towns and parks.

First stop, Pula

Pula was a small, attractive city with incredible Roman architecture. The highlight was an amazingly preserved Roman amphitheatre in the centre of the city. There was also a really interesting WW2 tunnel system under the city that you can walk through and beautiful, rocky beaches.


After a few days here, we got a bus down to Zadar

Zadar was another small, not over crowded city. There were amazing medieval churches and Roman ruins as well a more modern area of shops and restaurants by the harbour. Right down at the harbour there is the intriguing sea organ where the water moving in and out creates music on some steps.


Next we moved to the Krka National Park

We stayed in a small town called Skradin which was a short boat ride from the park. It was incredible beautiful with huge waterfalls and lakes that people swim in. The only thing I would say about here was that it was difficult to escape the tourists as there was only a limited area of the park that you can get to.


After just one night there, we moved down to Split

This was a much bigger city and a lot more touristy than the smaller places we’d stayed. The centre of the city is the Diocletian’s Palace which is a huge, impressive piece of Roman architecture, still filled today with shops and restaurants. There were a couple of sandy beaches but to try and avoid the crowds we walked to a rocky one which meant very clear water.


On our last day here we took a boat to the island of Hvar. We had been warned that Hvar town would be incredible busy so instead we took the boat to Stari Grad (historical centre) which was a gorgeous stoned town and quite quiet. Hvar is the sunniest place in Croatia and you could tell!


We then made our way right to the bottom of the country to Dubrovnik

Like Split, it was very big and busy (and expensive!) A lot of stuff has been filmed in Dubrovnik like Game of Thrones and Pirates of the Caribbean and you can see why with the ancient city walls and towering buildings, The highlight had to be walking the city walls because of the amazing views but definitly go early to avoid the crowds and the heat!


On the last day there, we took a boat to the island of Lokrum which is less than 10 minutes from Dubrovnik. It is a completely uninhabited where it is illegal to stay overnight which makes it unspoilt and a quiet break from the bussle of Dubrovnik. There beautiful views from a fort on the top of the hill and stunning rocky coast.


After a long, overnight bus trip back to the top of Croatia, we spent a few days in Plitvice National Park. Like Krka, it was the most exquisite scenery with unreal coloured water- it’s honestly not edited! Go early to avoid the queues for tickets and crowds near the entrance but if you’re happy to walk a way then it is easy to get away from all people. Our day spent here was definitely the highlight of the whole holiday!


I hope everyone else has had a just as amazing summer and had many adventures.

Love Meg

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