A few days in the Isle of Purbeck

A few days in the Isle of Purbeck

So last week I moved home from London after finishing my first year of music college (yay)! To celebrate, Tom and I drove to the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset for a few days of bliss. It was truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and it was such a good week that I want to share some of our adventures with you (mainly through photos). Tom also filmed lots of the week and has put it together into 3 vlogs, 2 of which are up on his channel now so please check them out here!  The final one will be up on Friday at 5pm so be sure to subscribe to his channel to catch that. He will also be filming our travels around Croatia next month which promises to be an incredible experience.

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of our photos from our camping trip!

We left on Monday afternoon and did the 2 hour drive to Swanage. We hadn’t booked a campsite but nothing was busy thanks to schools still being in term so we just drove round to a site we had found on the internet. We were staying in Harmans Cross, right by the Swanage steam railway and it was pretty much in the middle of no where which we both love!


Once we’d put up the tent and settled in, we went for a drive to see the area and pick up some supplies. A short drive out from the campsite we were up in the hills and had some beautiful views of the ocean (the photo really doesn’t do it justice!).


After quite a bad first night sleep thanks to my allergies, we decided to walk to Corf Castle. I had spotted a footpath the day before when we were driving which was pointing to Corf Castle in 3 miles. We quickly refound the path and followed it through fields and along country roads, We did almost get run at by at cow at one point which was very scary but we made it there in one piece. I had been there as a child (back when I was obsessed with Enid Blyton who got lots of her inspiration from the area) but I had forgotten how cute the village was. All the houses around there were made of the same light stone and it made the whole place very picturesque.


After an hour or so wondering round the village and eating our picnic, we walked along to the steam train station and bought a ticket to take us back to our campsite.


By the time we were back it was still only early afternoon so we decided to drive a bit further out and just see what we come across. Enticed by some beautiful views, we stopped in a little village called Worth Matravers. In the centre of the village was a little green area with a duck pond where there was a big map of the area on which we found a little walk down to a hidden cove. We walked through the village and fields until we found ourselves at the edge of a cliff. At this point we realised the path was taking down this cliff through bushes and down very steep, rocky drops. It was a very hard climb and we knew it would be even harder getting back up but oh it was worth it! The cove was absolutely stunning. We were on the Jurassic coast so all the rocks were covered in ammonites. The weather was so nice and the sun reflecting off the water was beautiful, especially surrounded by all the cliffs and waterfalls.

13668898_1060852437331746_1806524373053575975_o13669378_1060852430665080_8983184837739296691_o(Tom’s attempt at an artistic photo)13662250_1060853137331676_1098232827539930911_o13576747_1060856120664711_6525756701396171011_o13668862_1060854987331491_4271284326947376123_o13620341_960137177429032_2701571335536634977_n13606588_960137150762368_4905449560561054391_n13603641_1060856137331376_7836530207392691894_o13592794_960137220762361_2860626474690907533_n13592731_960137240762359_7352692890492743827_n13592722_960137210762362_546563540681443_n

After a second night of sausage sandwiches for dinner and a much better night sleep, we decided to go for a much longer walk. We looked up a route on the OS map so that we could walk from our campsite to Old Harry this would take all day and was about 20km there and back. It was a very intense walk with some ridiculously steep hills and although the weather forecast had said it would be cooler and cloudy, it was just as sunny and hot as the day before (we were both already suffering from sunburn). We didn’t take many photos along the way because it took all our energy and concentration to walk and navigate but we did manage to film quite a bit of it.

We ate our picnic lunch on top of the cliff over looking Old Harry and had a rest. We headed into the local village to buy some more drinks and treated ourselves to an icecream before walking back a different route. We were pretty exhausted by the time we got back so had a lazy evening reading and chatting before our final night.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. If you are looking for a good camping ad walking destination in the UK then definitely check out the Isle of Purbeck. It was such a great escape from fast moving city life and the scenery is amazing everywhere you look!

Be sure to keep your eyes out for similar posts in August as me and Tom travel around Croatia for 3 weeks and remember to check out his youtube channel.

Have a lovely summer

x x x


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