Fitness update and routine

Fitness update and routine

On my old blog I used to talk a lot more about my ‘fitness journey’. I remember writing my blog post about 6 months ago sharing the fact I had just joined a gym (for the first time in my life!) and since then I shared regular updates and things I’d learnt but it’s not a topic I have yet spoken about on this blog.

Let’s start with a little background… I was diagnosed with asthma a few years ago which really limited my exercise and it has only got worse over time. Since then I haven’t been able to run more than 2 minutes without significant pain (very annoying considering I would really love to run a marathon!) When I was 16 and I left secondary school I no longer had PE lessons or inter-house sports and because I travelled a long way to college, I didn’t have time to continue with my dance or swimming lessons so I quickly got to a point where I did no exercise.

It wasn’t until I started university in September that I started thinking about my health and started exploring ways to increase my exercise levels again and the fact I had to cook all my own meals meant I thought a lot more about what I was putting into my body. Living in London meant I had access to so many gyms, pools, group classes, parks for walking. I was skeptical at first because of my asthma but I soon realised I could swim for hours without having any problems and very recently even realised I can run on a cross trainer with no issues. I (like most girls) have always wanted to be skinnier and leaner and I always thought this was achieved through just cardio rather than including weights but thanks to lots of fitness blogs and instagram accounts, I soon realised doing weights would also have huge benefits for my body.

I always say my ‘fitness journey’ started in December when I joined my gym and pool. This was only 6 months ago so of course I have a lot further to go and I’m not completely happy with my body but I have made so much progress! I can physically see my legs and stomach becoming more toned and I am comfortable in clothes that before, I thought I looked stupid in. I feel healthier as well. I eat more than I used to but it’s much better food that I’m putting into my body. I don’t get that horribly full and slugish feeling after a big meal anymore and I think I must have improved my metabolism because when I do go out and eat a disgustingly unhealthy meal I don’t get a food baby for the next day like I used to and my body can deal with it so much better. Getting up early to exercise and eating healthily really sets me up for a good day. I concentrate better, I’m more productive and I’m less tired.

Anyway, my current routine:

I have finished for the year so I’m spending a lot of time at home with my family. I tend to spend half the week in London and half the week back home which means I have to go to the gym every day I’m in London to make up for it.

This means at the moment I tend to be going to the gym about 4 times a week. I do cardio AND weights every time I go just because this is what gives me the best progress. I either do 30-60 minutes on the cross trainer and then weights OR 5 minutes warm up on the cross trainer and then weights and then end with a 30 minute swim. Weights wise, I alternate between focusing on legsĀ andĀ then arms and abs. So I normally get 2 days of each done in a week. I also make sure I do a proper stretch session at least twice a week because I have really noticed myself losing flexibility since increasing my fitness and it also helps create lean muscle rather than bulky muscle.

Where I have been spending a lot of time back home, I have been looking for ways for me to stay fit and healthy at home where I don’t have access to a gym. Of course the best cardio without a gym is running so if you’re lucky enough not to have bad asthma like me then good for you! There are lots of great at home workout videos for cardio which I have been trying out and I’ve started building up a body weight program so I can keep my legs, arms and abs toned up. I have also tried to walk a lot more. Yesterday me and Tom walked from my house, to Titchfield village, down to the beach and back which is about 10km. I’ve been using the Apple health app to track my steps and I’ve been aiming for at least 10,000 a day.

In 2 weeks time I am moving out of London permanently for summer so I will do a post then on my summer fitness routine (which will be a lot more specific than this and have my workout calendar) where I will share all my tips for working out and staying healthy without a gym. I will also give you my favourite at home workout videos and share my body weight regime.

I am very worried about losing fitness and going back on my progress over summer so if you have any tips on working out without a gym and just any health tips then please do share!

I hope you’ve all had a great weekend

Love Meg

x x x



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