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Meg Loves

First day of June means time to reflect on the month May! In the last month I have had all my exams and completed my first year of music college (woooo), I have done A LOT of shopping (come on, it’s nearly summer, we all have!) and I have really started planning for my summer adventures.

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Here is my list of (some of) the things I have been loving through the month of May.

  1. Twinings freshly picked garden mint- Very much inspired by my trip to Morocco in April! Everyone there is obsessed with fresh mint tea with lots of sugar and poured from high up to make it bubbly- delicious! Unfortunately, living in a flat in London, this was the closest I could get.blog3blog2
  2. Sunglasses- After the trauma of my favourite sunglasses breaking in my bag on the way back to London, I was on a mission to find a new favourite pair! I discovered these in Urban Outfitters in Southampton and I love them! They fit my head perfectly and are a really flattering shape. Definitely my new go to.blog7blog10.jpg
  3. Salt spray- With summer approaching, of course salt spray was going to be back on my love list! I haven’t really found that any brands work better than others so honestly I just went for the cheapest one in Superdrug. I have quite heavy hair so it just adds some volume and is such a quick way to do my hair in the morning if I have no time to spend on it.blog1.jpg
  4. Audible- This was something I decided to try after Niomi Smart mentioned in one of her vlogs how she loves listening to audio books while she runs. I have got a lot more into running in the gym recently and this helps the time to go quicker and really does help me run further. It is also wonderful for those long train journeys home to visit my family or Tom. You can get a 30 day free trial and 1 free book by following the link and signing up!
  5. Dogeared- This is a super cute American jewellery brand. My mum got me this tiny ‘accomplish magnificent thing’ sun necklace and I basically wear it everyday. They have a huge range of jewellery and every single piece is beautiful. Very much love!blog4.jpgblog8.jpg
  6. Flaws and Ceilings by Frank Hamilton- I don’t know why I love this song so much but I do! In fact I love his whole #onesongaweek project. I think I discovered this song in my discover weekly on Spotify and it was definitely first in my June playlist.
  7. Shirt dress- I had been looking for a shirt dress for quite a while. It’s just such an easy, summery, casual outfit. This one in particular hangs beautifully and I love the colour. The material wasn’t what I expected (it’s almost velvety but not really) but I think that adds to how much I love it!
  8. Made by Millie Mackintosh- This was another gift from my mum. I love Millie Mackintosh back from the first series of Made in Chelsea (I’m an avid fan!) and I’ve always loved her style. This is basically an autobiography but with a focus on style, beauty, fitness and lots of recipes. I found it very motivational in my fitness journey and just an enjoyable read.blog6.jpgblog5.jpg
  9. Gossip Girl- Don’t worry, no spoilers! About a month ago I decided it was time to rewatch Gossip Girl. I have always loved this program. I feel so emotionally attatched to the characters and like half the world, Blaire Waldorf is my life goals! I had almost forgotten how much I love this series.
  10. G&T- For sure my drink of the summer! It tastes so refreshing and is one of the healthier options when drinking alcohol. In case you were interested, the best gin and tonic I’ve had was definitely at Giraffe. They serve it with orange and basil and it’s such a great twist on such a great classic. blog9.jpg

I hope everyone else had a just as wonderful month! Please do comment to let me know some of the thing you’ve been loving so I can check them out. For anyone who is deep in exams at the moment, good luck!

Love Meg

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