Calling all art, photography, graphics, architecture, product design and fashion students! Or just keen people like me who do it for fun. I have found the most mazing website for all kinds on inspiration and contextual influences.

I did graphics A-level at college and since I’ve finished so early for summer I decided to do a summer graphics project because I actually really miss it! I was browsing google looking for examples of interesting things I could design and just general information when I found this website. I can honestly say this would have saved me days of desperately researching trying to find contextual influences and having idea blocks for both my graphics A-level and GCSE art.

There are 18 categories to choose from from art to packaging design to architecture each with a grid of hundreds, sometimes thousands, of different artists and projects. The picture shown is part of the grid from the graphics category. You can scroll through all the interesting photos for inspiration and when you see one you like the look of/find interesting you can click on it to find more about the artist and projects and find links to their websites and social media.

Check it out here!

I hope people find this as useful as I did!

Love Meg

x x x


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