This is my trip to the Atlas mountains in Morocco in April. I don’t like having an empty blog so I thought I’d share some photos from this recent holiday with my parents. We were only there for a few days but it was amazing! Sometimes this can still be in the rainy season but we couldn’t have asked for better weather and the scenery of being up in the mountains was breathtaking!

We stayed in Richard Branson’s hotel Kasbah Tamadot which was stunning! We were staying in one of the ‘tents’ which were the most luxurious tents I’ve ever seen. We had a balcony with the most amazing view and a private hot tub as well as the 3 main pools. The whole place was so beautifully decorated.

On our first full day we went on a hike up one of the mountains just opposite our hotel. There was no one else around except a couple of locals with their sheep and the higher we got, the more serene it felt. One of the most incredible things was that we could be standing in the intense heat surrounded by greenery and basically see deserts in one direction while the snowy mountains where people were skiing was only half an hour drive behind us.

The next day we went into Marrakech. We visited a palace and an old Jewish university and then just spent the afternoon wondering around the markets and taking in the atmosphere. While it was an amazing place, we were all happy to go back to the calm of the mountains.

On our last day we decided to go off exploring on our own. From our balcony we could see a river and then another mountain with a village on it so we decided to try and get up there. It was instantly clear we weren’t meant to because there was no path and there was obviously frequent rock fall. Once we climbed/fell down we waded through the river and met some locals with their sheep who, despite their lack of English, showed us a way up to the village. We met a woman up there (also with very little English) who brought us into her home, introduced us to her family and made us tea. It was a very special experience!


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